Leaseweb vs Linode vs DigitalOcean vs Vultr - which is better and why?



I am about to purchase unmanaged VPS from any of the aforementioned companies. I need personal experience or review if you have previously used them. P.S. - price difference doesn’t matter and my budget is around $50 per month. I need their hardware review.


I haven’t used Leaseweb or Vultr bro, I have good experience with DigitalOcean & used Linode for a client. Heard positive reviews about Vultr, but I would definitely pick DigitalOcean, I dunno why, I just feel comfortable with them. I’ll wait for others to comment.

Any feedback about Vultr @glnarayanan? :slight_smile:


Haven’t tried others, but used digital ocean & it’s best.


I have tried DigitalOcean and Vultr. While DO is the most popular choice, I’ll still choose Vultr because of customer support. DO support takes too long to respond these days. On the other hand, Vultr team is quite responsive and they try to work with you when there’s an issue.

Vultr is also better for starters as they offer 768 MB RAM on the $5 plan against DO’s 512 MB.


Don’t know about others, but never faced any issues with DigitalOcean.


It seems Digital Oceans wins the race in this case. Thank you, everyone, for your time. I am opting for Digital Ocean.


I only used DigitalOcean, they have awesome hardware and I/O speeds but customer support sucks! That is the only issue there but they have a lot of documentations for beginners.