Kindly review my site and please give me your feedback


Hey Guys !!
I am new here and i created a blog named 4 months ago.
But sitll i cant able to get visitors. Although i already created a facebook page of my blog but still i am not able to make it.
So, its my request you to please visit my blog and give me you valuable feedback about what changes shoould i made to get visitors and able to make my site on google page. ??



Hi Lokesh, I checked your blog. Looking cool but you need to write more article. Because of your site niche is smartphone specifications. You need to do something unique to attract visitors or regularly add some more posts to attract visitors. This niche has huge competition. So, be unique. Example: Check DeviceBar


Thanks brother for your reply !! @svignesh1994
but brother its been 4 months to do this still i am not able to get neither do follow backlinks nor visitors ??


Tech site needs a good team to get success. Find and make your team. Work hard. You will get success soon.

Note: Don’t write same things again and again. Eg: Sony Xperia XZ1 Introduced with Android Oreo. Everyone post this same news so, be unique and do some keyword research.

All the best for your success.


Just don’t give up, and publish the article ASAP. If you think with this niche you will get success within 1 year, then it’s not true. It may take 2 or 3 year as well, if you think you’re doing something wrong, and reading other marketing blogs who have never done such a thing which you’re doing. So stop reading marketing blogs, just analysis how your competitors are doing.

I don’t wont to give pro blogger names, but they have also started many blogs in side, but did they got achievement like what they have achieve with their main blog? No, because the strategy is always different from one blog to another. The best strategy is analysis your competition site.

The niche you have chosen is very competitive. So all the best.