Keywords not ranking anywhere in google


Hi, guys I have started one website.
And I have added more than 10 articles in it with 100% original content, and every article on an average has around 600-800 words. The issue is my website is indexed, articles are indexed but the issue is any of my keywords is not appearing in Ahrefs. I have built 46 quality backlinks, but still, my keywords are not appearing anywhere. Even the search console says there is no error anywhere while crawling and anything.
Always, i have tried fetch as google and everything but nothing is happening.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance. Hoping for faster replys


Hi @Anshul_Kapila, don’t worry about this, may I know how old is your website? :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, can you follow this and see if there are any keywords for your website bro?


Thanks pradeep for reverting always.
Bro its around 1 and a half month old website. The keywords appearing are not the one I want. There is not much traffic on the site. What next should I do. I have done social bookmarking, pinging created quality backlinks from competitors. But still my keywords are no where in serp.


Okay bro, got it. The keywords you are targeting, I’m sure it’s pretty dense, so either it’s already crowded by plenty of websites or it’ll take some time for you to rank properly. I would suggest you follow this:

If it’s not possible to rank for “Keyword” alone, try to add some related terms to your keyword and rank it first. Gradually experiment with other similar keywords and I’m sure, as your website gets older, trust factor will increase and you’ll be ranked soon. :slight_smile:


@Anshul_Kapila By my personal experience it took nearly 6 months to my blog to get indexed properly, now my posts are ranked for long tail keywords, some of them are in Google second SERP page for the main keyword, some articles are in top three and some managed to get into first page last week.

It will take time mate, all you have to do is do your blogging continuously with patience and eventually, your post will find its place on the google result.