Keywords not indexing


Guys may I know why any of my keyword is not indexing.
This screenshot is from the article not from domain.
My domain url has around more than 100 referring domains with over 1.65k backlinks but only 20 keywords are idexed and also they are not my desired keywords in which i want to get ranked.
P.S. I have been building backlinks from past one and a half month.

What next can I do?
Any help would be appreciated


Hi @Anshul_Kapila, I can understand the issue you are facing bro, but I would love to know more about your domain name aka website, how old is that and how did you create those backlinks? :slight_smile:


Thanks for reverting bro.

It’s an event blog. So, mostly the backlinks are by commenting on websites that other successful event blogs are doing and they are ranking well for their keywords. The only mistake I guess I have done is it’s not Exact match domain. Is this the reason?

The event is in August and the domain age is around 2 months.

What should I do next bro?



Okay @Anshul_Kapila, that is an acceptable way to build backlinks for your blog, but again, if your competitors are older than you and if they already got ranked for your target keywords, then it’s gonna take a lot more time and authority than this. :frowning:

I wouldn’t have said this if you are building backlinks via guest articles or other methods, but comment backlinks will usually take more time and given less priority/power.


Got your point bro.

Just one more advice. The event is still 1.5 months away. Should I stop it or continue building backlinks?

Also, building more links to it won’t make it look spammy?

Thanks pradeep for always helping


Nothing wrong in trying bro, it’s just trial and error… you can learn a lot from this event blogging. :slight_smile:


Amazing chat, Just by reading this convinced to get an account here, can I get your domain to study your tactics and which event you are going to rank, by the way I’m not event blogger so don’t worry I’m not competitor :stuck_out_tongue:


1.Build Google+ Social Signals
2. Build web2.0 backlinks.
3. Spy on your competitors to get the exact report of where he/she building backlinks.
4. Try to use Long Tail keywords
Ex:- Father’s day wishes 2017, Ramzan 2017
5. Repeat keywords multiple times and change URL slug according to that.

You have 1.5 moths so far. Build two web2.0 links per day in the interval of 4-5days.


I have done 1,3,4,5
Can you share the way to create 2.0 backlinks it’s pleasure to understand your strategies :slight_smile:


Manually Creating Web 2.0 Backlinks will take little longer time. I’d suggest you to try Alex’s ( PBN master service. He will do best :slight_smile: