Is Tags Still Useful?


Recently I removed all the Tags from my main site. But I just wanted to discuss if Tags are useful or not.


Hi @Rishabh, tags are pretty useful for the navigational purpose. :slight_smile: Let me give you an example, and you can take this forum itself for that…

We have a category for SEO, that is typical right, but I can’t exactly have a category for Yoast SEO plugin, like, it’s a popular topic but yet, I don’t really want to assign a category for this. So, we created Yoast SEO tag for this.

This way, I can use this tag on our posts, so that our members can easily check all the topics written about Yoast SEO easily.


Understood bro…Thanks alot :slight_smile:


Does Tags Have Any Effect On Page SEO ?


I don’t really think so mate, they are just a minor version of ‘categories’. :slight_smile:


True that bro…I had already deindexed tags because they most cause canonical errors.