Is it good to use web 2.0 as a main site without custom domain?



Hi there,

i have started a a new blog based on a particular keyword

my query is that can a web 2.0 rank easily on google ??

and also want to know that what should i do in starting days of blog

i have heard from some guys that it is a wrong idea of using web 2.0 as main site

plz share your views


Hi @Sunil_Bhatnagar, it’s not a wise move to kickstart your Blogging journey without a ‘custom domain’ name, you can easily get a new one (preferably .com for less than Rs.100) and configure it with your blog. :slight_smile:

That way it looks professional and spam-free. You said ‘particular keyword’ right? Is it a trending keyword or an evergreen one? As in, apps like Prisma, Pokémon GO, etc. were ‘trending’ once… but now, not much… whereas Evergreen ones are like topics which stay longer, like VR (Virtual Reality).


my keyword is evergreen
with good search volume in every month


Then I would suggest you start your journey with a custom domain itself bro. Worth it, totally. :slight_smile: