Is It Good To place bunch of very low competitive keywords at the end of the article?


I randomly seen many of the webmasters who place a group of keywords beneath the article with the tag of “possible searches”.Here is the small example.

Main keyword:hack whatsapp
Article title
article content’
possible searches
:Hack whatsapp messages
hack whatsapp conversation
can whatsapp be hacked?

I want to implement this on my 15 days old affiliate site.what was the actual purpose of placing keywords like that?let me know how it works !!!



Actually placing keywords at the end of the article is helpful for ranking higher. But, Google is smarter than us.

If you place related searches keywords at the end of the article, you will have to face serious problems which include Drop of rankings, Ban from Google search engine etc.

So, it is better to place the related keywords in the body of the content or in the meta description to rank higher.

If you have any doubts, Reply and I will give you answer as fast as I can.


I won’t recommend that, If you keep those keywords in H2, H3, H4 tags, or between the post or in the meta it would be fine. :grinning:


You can display “incoming search terms” on your blog post with some WordPress plugins, but I don’t really think this will help your blog in any generic way bro. :slight_smile:


Thank you all .All the answers are helpful :slight_smile: