Is doing a guest post really works?


Everyone is busy in doing guest posts. Writing 700+ words of articles and get 1 do-Follow link. You may get penalized after new algorithm hits because they are not natural links, you can’t make google a fool by doing this. To make it natural you need to add few more authoritive links to that post. Your all backlink should be well balanced with do-Follow & no-follow links.

PS: I’m not sure but observed that, If I wrong please correct me.


I agree with what you mentioned @Biswarup_Bouri, we should follow the same for normal articles + sponsored/paid articles as well.

Detailed Content. Relevant Images/Screenshots. Additional Resources linking to other authority websites. And much more…


Guest posting is just one way to build links, and creating great blogs depends on the quality of your content. This process is time consuming but gives worth results.