Is commenting harmful?

(Anvesh reddy) #1

I have heard that blog commenting is harmful in a long run.
Is it harmful if we comment on low PA DA sites or any sites?

Do Big brand blogs also use blog commenting for link building ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Blog commenting was never meant to be a link building method bro, it’s just a normal way of letting the blog owner know who you are, just like you mention your name and email address. But we often use this as a way to generate backlinks. :\ It’s okay, as long as it is natural… if you are reading a blog post about food, say Biriyani and if you liked that post, and want to know more about it, so it’s cool to comment there using your blog link and so. But you shouldn’t repeat this thing again and again just to build backlinks. That is suspicious and might affect you later.

Nah, they have money bro, they’ll do all the possible ways to get authority and organic ranking.

(Anvesh reddy) #3

What these big brand guys do to build links without spending money?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

They don’t need money in the first place bro, they just need to publish breaking news first, automatically all the other established blogs and websites will post the same update and give credits!

(Anvesh reddy) #5

So posting the article first than anyone else will help us to grow ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Yep, more or less like that. That’s how big brands grow… they are the source of new information.

(Anvesh reddy) #7

How do these guys find the information so quickly?
I wonder how

(Pradeep Kumar) #8

Haha, bro, like you said, ‘big brands’, they have their own team and contacts to get such information quickly! :’)

(Anvesh reddy) #9

So if we r the one to copy their idea i mean the topics
can we also rank higher

(Pradeep Kumar) #10

Nooo bro, it took time for them to reach this level, so they are more experienced and trusted than others. :slight_smile:

(Manoj Bhardwaj) #11

Never if we commenting on good blogs so commenting never harmful