Is Automation a problem?


So bots are taking jobs off of many men. Is there any bot coming into digital marketing field and writing posts, marketing the product itself.
Should we worry about these bots?


Human instincts will always have top priority bro, we won’t lose our jobs like that, but our job flow will be reduced… just like how our mobile phone is not just for calling these days, it’s our camera, hard disk, and so much. It’ll be the same for bots, they are improving and emerging. :slight_smile:


So we need to learn more before or after automation, to make this marketing more efficient using bots. ?


Let’s see “Bots” as an accessory to make our lives better bro. Let’s work along with that and make sure we can get more pros from this rather than cons.


Yeah, researchers have already developed some AI (bots) those can write contents, codes and do other stuff. But they have some limitations which can be sorted with the help of human brain.

I have written many articles on AI research for one of my sites. But don’t worry about automation. If you want to start building your own bot, you can use open source directories for reference.

Even I own an AI and currently working on its modification. (Inspired by Jarvis in Iron Man and Jarvis by Mark)


Could you please share the links about these Bots which are writing content.


Not-contents, but can write the code itself.
AI Writes Code By Stealing From Other Programs