Installation failed: Could not create directory

(Sudip Majhi) #1

Getting this error while trying to install theme or plugin in WordPress: Installation failed: Could not create directory.

How to solve this?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

It’s happening because of the directory permissions bro, can you set them to ‘775’? (If it’s not!)

You can do this via Filezilla or your cPanel’s File Manager. :slight_smile:

(Sudip Majhi) #3

Have done that. Still getting the same issue.

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

Oops. Then can you try “777” bro? Please use ‘775’ or ‘777’ with “wp-content/uploads” folder as well.

(Sudip Majhi) #5

Problem solved. I have used this command;

chmod -R 775 directory_path

@pradeepkumar Previously I used quite same command that didn’t change permission of all folders in a particular directory.

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Okay bro, awesome, thanks for sharing the solution. :slight_smile: