Information About SubID's?


I am completely new to affiliate marketing and just came to know that there is some thing called “subid’s”.

1)what are subid’s?
2)How does they work?
3)Is there any need to add them?any issues if i promote products without subid’s?

Thank you


Where exactly you came across this term bro? :slight_smile:


I came across deeplink affiliate links in flipkart affiliates page and there i found some info regarding this.But i am not that much clesr even after reading it twice as i was completely new here.


Don’t get confused bro, Deeplink Affiliate URLs will enable us to connect with the user’s mobile apps… let it be Amazon or Flipkart.


yes exactly.Subids are the unique id tags which are attached to our affiliate links so that the clicks and everything can be tracked.


SubID is added with different parameter, few ad network use parameter like this.

Here you can see I set subid Is FB because I am promoting my aff link on Facebook.

In second link I am using subid as blogfooter, because I am promoting my aff link on my blog with footer banner.

So subid are for traffic tracking, which help you to analys which traffic is converting more(lead or sell). If you don’t use it then it’s fine, but when you promote aff link on different placements then subid help you to track conversation means from which aff link you’re getting sell/lead.