Indian GoDaddy users can't add or remove cards? Auto-Renewal?



I checked my GoDaddy account and saw that we have a debit card which is going to expire in a few months, so I thought I should remove it and add a new one. They won’t allow us to remove the existing one without adding a new card, so I added a new card, I entered all my profile details and my card details, my card got saved saying “Your payment method added” or something, then it auto-refreshed the page, but I couldn’t find my card details there.

I got confused, then I added my debit card once again, the same process happened and I couldn’t add my card. Then I thought I should add my credit card for this, so I added my credit card, but even after that, they said they added my card details but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

I got really annoyed because I keep ‘Auto-Renewal’ for most of my domains, so I opened GoDaddy Chat Support and this is what they said after speaking with them for almost 1 hour.

So GoDaddy doesn’t support “Auto-Renewal” for Indian users? We can’t even add or remove our cards there? Are you facing the same? Do kindly let us know here.