Indexing a New WordPress Blog on Google Search Engine?


How to Index a new WordPress site/blog on Google Search Engine?


Go to Google Search Console > Click on “Add Property” > Add prefered Version of Your Website URL (www or non-www).
Add your website’s Sitemap in Webmaster and Enjoy :slight_smile:


To have your site indexed, you need to submit it to GG Webmaster tool (GG Console). Go to Crawl section -> Fetch as Google, then paste your site in the box and press the “Fetch” button to process.


Get a domain,
Set up WP.
Add it to Webmaster.
Create a post.
Paste all the backlinks you want to index.
Add a Youtube video to the post.
Submit the video sitemap to the webmaster. :slight_smile:

Working fine here.Ignore if you knew it before :slight_smile:


Just like any other blog. :slight_smile:

  • Make sure you completed all the necessary SEO stuff via Yoast SEO.

  • Publish at least 5-10 articles.

  • Submit your blog to Google Search Console.

  • And kindly wait for a while. It should be properly indexed without any issue.


I have read a dozen of articles on increasing a blog’s search presence and they have mentioned about ways to do it like writing guest posts, commenting on other’s posts and writing content frequently. So I wanted to know are all these factors necessary to increase search presence? My blog is new and I am not receiving viewers as expected. What is the solution for this? Should I focus on SEO part or the content part? Or should I just wait for sometime?


If you wish you can share your blog’s link with us @Madhuri.

By writing guest articles and blog comments, you’ll increase your blog’s backlinks, which, in turn, will help your blog’s search rankings. This will increase the traffic automatically.


Thank you so much:) Link for my blog is:


Thanks for sharing the link @Madhuri, am just curious, what’s your blog about and any specific reason for staring a blog, like, you are passionate about writing or you love blogging in general?


To be honest enough, I never thought that writing was my forte but I have recently started my career as a Digital Marketing Executive and I am gradually leaning towards writing more and more. Sharing my thoughts is what I like doing as for now.


Great! You can use platforms like, or if you want to start a personal blog or just a casual space to share your random thoughts.

But, if you want to start a professional blog, where you have plans to update regularly and monetize in the future, then I would suggest you try for that. You’ll need a custom domain name (like and a web hosting server for this.

A small tip: Either use your full name as your blog’s name or make the name relevant to what you are going to blog about. :slight_smile:


I will surely implement this valuable advice @pradeepkumar. Thanks for the support! This is surely a great place to ask questions and get the doubts cleared.