Index your new blog post in 1 minute


Here is a simple trick to index your new blog post in 1 minute in Google:

  1. Go to Google search console and go to your website panel. If you haven’t added your blog in search console. I recommend you to add it right now.

  2. Go to crawl> Fetch as Google tool

  3. Input the link of your new blog post without your blog address. For example, If the URL of the blog post is HTTP://

Only input example-post in the box.

  1. Click on fetch and click on request indexing.

  2. A new pop-up appears asking you to prove are you a human ?

Verify the challenge and click on crawl only this URL and click on Go.

Within 1 minute your blog post will be indexed in Google. If you have any queries, ask me in the replies.

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Want to find when your blog posts are getting indexed?

That’s a cool trick bro. :smiley: We can also Google these search terms “submit URL to Google” and add our new page!

This will, again, take us to search console directly… but it’s kinda different.

Homepage is getting indexed instead of post

Pradeep bro,

Submit URL to Google is also really helpful, But it takes so much time.

The advantage of using Submit URL to Google page is " Google will index all of your pages ".

Whereas, fetch as Google tool, takes only 1 min, But only index page we input.

We can also index our homepage using fetch as Google tool by directly clicking on fresh without inputting anything in the box.


Thank’s for the great tips, really appreciated. I have several websites I will give it a go.


I use this way to index my urls. It takes less than a minutes to reindex the urls.

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That’s the easiest and convenient way to index the links :slight_smile: