Increased alexa ranking global and decreased Alexa ranking in india. Hows this possible?


My Alexa Global ranked improved from 5M to 3.8M but Rank in india declined from 200k to 500k. Im not sure how is this possible. Do you know how is this possible? Can this be because about 90% traffic from usa uk canada?

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Haha, Alexa rank is pretty weird mate, we all loved Alexa rank and trusted it, but it’s kinda confusing now, maybe because of their premium plans? I’m not sure about anything.

But according to their FAQs, Alexa rank’s algorithm works differently, they said “The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s average of daily unique visitors and its number of pageviews over the past 3 months.”

According to our experience, if you are getting new source of traffic, and if you are updating your blog regularly, then you can maintain your rank consistently.


I have certified metrix which they claim to be accurate. But I dont think it is now.


i am also facing the same problem, even though my blog traffic has increased a bit still my ranking is increasing.


Alexa is dead now.

You should matter more about Google Rankings more :slight_smile:


unfortunately, some brands still check Alexa and consider it as a blog’s growth.


Yes Shobit,

Many ad networks consider Alexa to approve a blog.

The issue is nothing other than your traffic source.

Your blog might started attracting Global visitors. Have some patience, it will be solved automatically.