Important things to do after installing SSL (HTTPS) on your website



You might have successfully installed SSL (HTTPS) on your website/blog, but that’s not the end of this, you need to make some easy yet necessary changes as well. It doesn’t matter whether you have a WordPress blog, an eCommerce website, even a Forum, it’s all the same here.

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HBB (blog & forum) is powered by “Let’s Encrypt” SSL, it’s good so far, and it’s free as well, so we thought of implementing this to experience our new journey. We shared some essential things here, you can do these asap you complete your ‘https’ migration properly. But, if you have done this, and if you are getting some errors, then you can check our WordPress HTTPS redirection discussion here, it’ll be helpful for you to fix those issues.

1) Update Your Settings: First and foremost, go check all your WordPress settings (especially ‘General’) and update your URLs there! You might still use ‘http’ in some of your plugin settings, so do check that as well and update them as ‘https’.

2) Google Search Console: We are talking about Google Webmaster Tools here, if you migrate from http to https, Google will see this as a site move since the URL is changed. So you can either use the site move option, or you can create a new property with ‘https’ to get the new data.

3) Google Analytics: You also need to make this change in Google Analytics, go to your “Property Settings” and change your default URL from ‘http’ to ‘https’.

4) Update Robots.txt File: This is another critical thing you should do asap, check your website’s Robots.txt file and see if you have used any ‘http’ URLs instead of ‘https’. Change them and save! You can use plugins like Yoast SEO to access them directly via your WordPress dashboard itself.

5) Social Media Profiles: It’s wise to update our social media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) with the latest URL. People tend to look at this and quote us on their articles, so keep them updated!

6) External Website Links: It’s not possible to change all the external website links, but if your site link is mentioned in your friends’ websites, then you can request him/her to use the updated current address instead.

I’m sure this list won’t be complete until you share your views about this, do let us know if you want to share any other important things we need to do after migrating to HTTPS (SSL). :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the indepth guide @pradeepkumar :slight_smile: