Images are not showing while sharing link of website or post

(Techking Pro) #22

Sir i can’t contact them i tried to but no response anything else i can give you my c pannel and wp password so that you can see whats wrong

(Pradeep Kumar) #23

Don’t worry mate, just one last try… can you go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Media. :slight_smile:

In this, have you enabled “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” option?

(Techking Pro) #24

sir i have done its already enabled

(Techking Pro) #25


(Pradeep Kumar) #27

I think I found a possible solution for this bro, do you have the access to your web hosting server? :slight_smile:

(Techking Pro) #28

No :cry: i cant is there no other way to solve with the hosting server

(Pradeep Kumar) #32

I’m really sorry @techking_pro, this was a complicated issue, and I couldn’t fix it. Any update on your side, please?

(Techking Pro) #33

Yes bro i have reset the c-pannel and wordpress now everything looks fine

(Anto Navis) #34

I love this point . yesterday i am facing the same issue for my website. recently some of the told me to change to website title as well as description. I changed it and check it on google search

Its shows the older one. then i submit my home page url and fetch it on google webmaster . afterwards its works very fine. its shows the coreect description and title on google search.

But still my problem didnt solved on facebook share . i am using yoast seo plugin . i clear all the data on facebook in yoast plugin and try the same . but still same error.

Later only i found out debug tool on facebook.

I check my links on it . its shows the old one. i click on scrap again . then it comes with new update title and description.

Note : If anyone update any changes on your post title and description. then share not showing corrctly on facebook means, first check the debug tool using your link. it will shows the full result about that link. Its the cache problem main faced on facebook.

Thank you .


(BlackBurn) #35

Buddy make sure you’re using the og-image on your site or if you got the blog optimize the og meta … Usually social media picks the featured image from your blog but sometimes fist image of the post. Better if you optimize the og meta for your blog. I didn’t remember the name of plugin btw but there are some free plugins around :slight_smile:
Wish you the best :slight_smile: