Images are not showing while sharing link of website or post


Anyone please help me, my website links doesn’t show any images while Sharing, i have used yoast seo and open graph plugin also but this problem also occur please help me


If your theme is missing Thumbnail function you might want to install Thumbnail plugin.

Also try clearing the cache and use Facebook debug tool to verify.


I have changed the theme also but problem still occurs


If you said X is not working, I have tried Y and Z then it’s hard for all of us to solve your problem, so try to be more specific(Include codes, Add your site Info etc).

I think is your site, based on your username here.

This is what I have found in your site source code -

<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content=""/>

I don’t know how you gonna solve it, but Facebook display images when your site open graph tags points to some real images but here, your specified images return 404 (not found) error.

When you correct your images, then you can debug your URL here.


Means you are saying there is problem in my images i should change them


Yes, it points to wrong images.

Can you access this image -

No, it means Facebook will also not going to get that image, when you share your blog post on social media.

You’re so hurry to become a blogger, but you don’t want to understand things like how that plugin works, what codes that plugins generate in your website and from where plugin developer get the original source code idea.


yes sir i am a new blogger, help me what should i do now to solve this problem


I am not using wordpress, so I can’t add more value here.

But add your site head code here, may be someone else can help you (or Ask on


Can you kindly share your website URL, please? :slight_smile:

And also please mention the theme + hosting you are using bro.


yeah sure my website url is, theme is accces press mag and about hosting i am not sure i check online it shows singlehop


I’m taking this article, for example, bro:

I grabbed the image URL used in this article:

Unfortunately, it’s pointing to a 404-page bro, so, can kindly do me a favor now please, go to your WordPress dashboard, upload any image and share the URL with us here. :slight_smile:


where should i upload the image


sir i have upload one image on wordpress media library this is the link for that


But, have you noticed the image URL is not opening bro? Have you tried opening this? :slight_smile:

Can you kindly disable all your plugins and see if you are able to access this URL, please?


yes sir i have seen, sir i have disabled all the plugins and image is still not opening it goes to page 404 page not found. what should i do now sir. sir i message you on facebook please see


If image or thumbnail not showing while sharing link on Facebook then I have a solution for this this thing happened with me many times while sharing links on Facebook like preview not coming you can try this method

Go to this link :-

Or you can search Facebook debugger tool in Google

Open this link and paste the URL of your post in sharing debugger and click on debug

You will see something like this ^

Click on fetch information and you will get preview of your post


If u don’t get preview after doing this much then click on scrape again unltil you get the preview

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about your name bro? What’s your name so that I can check the message? :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I somehow feel it has something to do with your images directory file permission bro, can you kindly have a word with your hosting support and let me know, please? Ask them whether any file/directory changed or not in proper format.


Sir my self Rohit Gupta and sir how can i talk to them sir i don’t have any idea


Hi Rohit, kindly check your email bro, you’ll find the information about your hosting, log into your account and find the “Support” section. :slight_smile:


Okkk sirr i will tell you after consulting to them