If you have only $100 to start a blog, how would you use it?

(Sudip Majhi) #1

Let’s say you have only $100 in your pocket and you want to start a new blog. What are the things you would buy or how do you want to spend the money?

The $100 Blog: Your investments to make your blog much better!
(Pradeep Kumar) #2

That’s definitely an interesting question @sudipmus. If I have $100 to invest for my blog, then I’ll probably:

1. Invest $1 for buying .com GoDaddy domain name.

2. Invest for a good branded logo!

3. Will wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then grab a good web hosting deal!

4. Invest for G Suite email address (like pradeep@hellboundbloggers.com).

5. Grab some premium plugins like WP Rocket, Yoast SEO Premium, etc.

I hope by now $100 should be over, but these will be my top spendings! I won’t exactly invest for Facebook Ads at this point, but I might do that if I get some extra bucks in future. :’) What about you? :slight_smile:

(Sudip Majhi) #3

Great. Thanks for your answer.

(Sachin Alam) #4

Why to invest in G Suite when Zoho Mail is providing same thing for free!

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

Look at all the services/products provided by G Suite bro, we can use our custom email address along with them… they look pretty dope! <3

(Sachin Alam) #6

Okay ! Whats is the pricing of this Google Suite Sir!

(Pradeep Kumar) #7

You can pick the “Basic” plan @Sachin_Alam, it’ll be around Rs.150 per month, you can also find some promo codes online, which can reduce Rs.25 something. :slight_smile:

(Sudip Majhi) #8

Yes I have been using the BASIC plan, which is pretty cool. I like the Gmail interface more than Zoho mail. This is cheap and you can get some other useful tools as well.

(Sachin Alam) #9

Yeah I will use this thing but let me get some stable amount from Blogging!

(Aspirin) #10

Great Question.I will use 100$ as follows

1.Buy a Domain for for 1$ from Bigrock/Godaddy - (still 99$ left)
2.Will Buy a Good and cheap Hosting Like Namecheap for 9$ - (90$ left)
3.Get a Good Logo from Fiverr for 5$
4. Themes and plugins i will get from gpldl.com,so no need to spend any Money.I have still 85$ left.
5.Do keyword Research myself and Outsource 5-10 Articles from Native writers for 50$ - (35$ left)
6.Hire a virtual assistant to build profile and web 2.0 Links for 10$ - (I still have 25$ left)
7. Build Cheap links like Sape to web 2.0s for 20$ (5$ left)
8.i still Have 5$ left, i would Eat a pizza,Drink a Beer for 5$

If you can write content on your own you can save 50$ which you can invest in backlinks.

(Akhil G) #11

You can map Zoho email to your existing Gmail account with some easy steps.

(Arun Sathiya) #12

I would recommend Zoho over GSuite. Free for beginners. No Android capabilities though, yes.

(Pradeep Kumar) #13

Zoho is great! But it’s not Google. :’( There are plenty of benefits bro, I can even configure SMTP relay:

(Arun Sathiya) #14

I get your point. But, on a larger note, it would be better to use Amazon SES to power Discourse emails and there are tons of guides to do that. GSuite and Zoho mail are largely aimed at being personal email channels, and Zoho’s pricing is hard to beat.

(Nithin.Sai) #15

I know Google Resellers who offers G-Suite for Rs.500/user/year (15GB Storage).