If we put price in title tag so good or bad?



I want to know if i put our service price in my meta title so it will be good ?

Please suggest me



I Believe that adding Price of your service is not a good idea, because you might lose engagement on your site and may lose the business also if a possible customer got to know about it without entering your site.
Mention it inside post or page however you design it.


Thanks Pavan,

But if we put price in title tag so maybe customer engage with your with because we providing affordable prices what you think ?


You think its the affordable Price but not the customer, and i have not seen any service provider mentioning price in ‘meta’ title. Customer engagement is purely based upon review of customer and support you are providing to them when they avail your service. I give my example i took hosting from vapourhost where i received positive feedback for a beginner and pro blogger hosting service and also received best support from them so i still prefer to go with them. like that provide best service for customer engagement but price attracts customers only.


OKay Pavan May be you are right


Thank You hope you understood my point.


Yes pavan i understand thank you soo much


Hi @Manoj_Bhardwaj, look at these 3 Google search results for Amazon’s iPhone 8 listing.

The 1st result is their AdWords ad, which doesn’t mention the price, even in the 2nd one, they didn’t mention the price, but somehow their meta description shows that, and in the 3rd one, they didn’t mention the price as well.


Thanks @pradeepkumar

Okay i understand, but i need your suggestion on my targeted page how can i get first page ranking for this please check and if you have any batter idea so share with me.



Have a look at this bro, it might be helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @pradeepkumar i will try this