I want to start website and blog development service in my city


Hey HBB members

I want to start website and blog development services in my city

How shall i get started?

I want to facebook ads for this purpose

Also how shall i do local SEO

Thanks in advance


It’s very broad question, you should ask here specific question only.

By doing Google you’ll also get broad answer.


Hi @bloggingindian, these are the basic things you should do:

  1. Finalize a name, it’ll be nice if it represents a global brand name, not local. It’ll be really helpful when you expand your brand internationally in future.

  2. Register it as a business. Check out the types of registration for business in your area.

  3. You said ‘website and blog development services’ right. So, most importantly your company should have a proper website and blog. Make sure you keep that ready. Plus, a portfolio with your works will be handy.

  4. Use Google My Business for establishing your local online presence. Get reviews and feedbacks from your previous customers.

  5. You can check out Yoast SEO’s Local SEO plugin.

These are the 5 basic things I would suggest you follow bro…