I want to build a email subscrbe box on my blog


I want to make a email subscribe box on my blog, which is the best free plugin to do that??


I would suggest you use MailChimp bro, it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. :slight_smile: You can generate a subscription box via this.


I’m using WP Subscribe Pro by MTS. It integrates exceptionally well with lots of email marketing service providers like Mailchimp, MailerLite etc.

My current setup is WP Subscribe Pro + MailerLite (free basic account).


bro @pradeepkumar @the_mcnaveen bro i found 1000+ emails on FB post all the emails which i have collected are related to my blog (Civil engg education) how can i make use of them? shall i send an invitation email to all of the users? If i send it all at a time ? i face any issues? like google treat my mail as spam?


But why exactly you collected them in the first place bro? :slight_smile:


Not Sure About this Term Buddy “google treat my mail as spam?”

But Possible of Chances is High. Think as you’re sending Email to 1000 people, In that case 500 won’t be active no more. In Remaining 500 out of 200 will Check Email Regularly. If 100 of them report your mail as Spam. Then Google will definitely take spam action. Better option send 100 or 50 Emails per day :slight_smile: