I need to create wp site on main domain and discourse in sub domain




I want to install wp site on main domain and discourse on subdomain, I am new to digital ocean, I am facing problems with the setup

  1. I create two droplets one for WP and another for discourse, after installing wp, on domain I am struggling with mail problems, and when I pointed my own domain to droplet, my domain is not accessible by computer but everyone else can access it well
    Mails are going to spam folders

  2. After installing discourse, I am struggling with smtp set how and where to get it,

I am really confused, any help we will be appreciated @pradeepkumar


Do refer my article for configuring Discourse on Digital Ocean bro. :slight_smile:

Can you kindly elaborate the email problems you are facing bro? Any errors or screenshots will be helpful?

Regarding the Spam issue, use this tool (https://www.mail-tester.com) and share the result with us, please. :slight_smile:


how I do verify domain inside sendgrid?


Kindly follow this bro: