I m out of my personal Gmail-Space-Any Tools to move Gmail to Mediafire


I m out of my GMAIL Space 21.31 GB (101%) of 21 GB used. Is there any way I can move my large emails to Media Fire or any Free Backups on the go. I m also looking to move my Dropbox to Box. Any free alternative for Mover.IO


How about G Suite? They provide 30GB storage.

It’s intresting to know how many emails you get per day? and how much old is your gmail account. Since with 20 GB you can store so much email. Whatever image you see in your gmail is actually hosted somewhere else, email software just download those assets from the source location.


My GMAIL is quite old. I got it from a “Valuable” Invitation option back then. I cant move to GSuite as my Mail Space is just 15GB.
Now I want a Free Tool to move my Entire GMail to Mediafire(55GB).
So I can use Gdrive & Mail Account without a problem.


How can you transfer emails to some cloud based file storage? Both is different thing.

You can’t open email in mediafire. Are you talking about export your all emails into one zip file and then upload it on some cloud storage?


Any way to forward 75% of the Mails to My Google Apps(15GB) & Delete Original Mails.