I don't want to show sub categories under the hamburger menu for Discourse




Plz help @pradeepkumar to set up my discourse.
Due to all the sub categories visible on the main hamburger menu, it is being conjested for the main categories.

how can i set it up?


Hi @Ronnie_Sood, go to your “Settings” > Search for “Category” and try the different options here bro, that might help you to fix this issue. Do check and let us know. :slight_smile:


Let say i have created a new category named “Marketing” in that i have created different sub categories like: sub1, sub2, sub3.
So what is happening is in the hamburger menu it shows everything marketing, sub1, sub2, sub3 which is linked correctly.
which is making the menu congesting.

i Have tried box settings but nothing changed.


This is how our Hamburger menu looks bro, see, here Google is the category and Chrome, AdSense, etc. are the sub-categories. :slight_smile:

Discourse Hamburger Menu Links



So what is happening in my case is you are displaying main categories in the menu, and sub categories are not displaying. As seo is the main category in which sub categories are their but will be visible once we click onto the SEO main category.

Not geeting how to fix this?


I’m not sure about how it works bro, I’ll see the settings once again. (._.")


Can you tell ,e where i need to put the css code?


Go to “Customize” > “Themes” - Here you can edit your theme files and add the CSS code in the relevant section bro. :slight_smile: