How would you spent 10k on Social Media..?


My Blog is based on Men’s Lifestyle & Fashion. I m planning to invest 10k to get Blog Engagement & Ranking

My Goals

  1. 1000 Real FB Likes
  2. 5k Instagram Followers
  3. Three Month Reddit Gold Account


Bro, regarding your post, if you are running a brand/blog for Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle, then invest that amount for giveaways, I’m sure you can get good Instagram followers for that. You can spend a little bit on Facebook ads to get 1K Facebook Likes for your page.

This is how I’ll spend 10K on Social Media:

  1. Facebook Ads.

  2. Purchase something in AppSumo and conduct a Giveaway.

  3. Buy some trusted gigs on Fiverr for creative materials.


What is your view on buying an Instagram account with 10k followers + good karma Reddit Account+ Premium $10/month Buffer account.?


Don’t buy anything bro… what’s the point in having 100k Followers but getting 10k likes?


Already bought bro. As you said ZERO Engagement.Looks like Dormant or Zombie Accounts.