How we get paid through adsense for CPC?


I have seen suggested bid is around 100 rupees for keyword iPhone battery. Now if I get ranked for that keyword will my CPC be 100 Rupees.


No, that CPC bid is for search campaign.

If you type some query like “Hotels in Delhi” and you see first few ads in top, so that is search ads.

Your adsense CPC is purely depend on what kind of users you’re getting on your site or blog, because most of all advertiser set “Interest based” targeting option when they create GDN(Google Display Network) campaign.

GDN campaign displayed on all sites, who’re publisher of Adsense network(Like you and me) and Search campaign displayed only to Google search page, so that bid is for only search campaign.

Interest based means, If I open your site and see some cloud based ads(Because recently I have search about it) then you will get $0.20+ CPC, but if some other visitors who open same page and it is surfing only Facebook and Youtube, means it does not have any sense to use proper internet, I mean the user just use internet for sharing rose and bla bla bla stuff, and if that user click on some ads, then you will get only $0.02 CPC.

So if someone said about high paying adsense keywords, then it’s pure BS, Adsense does not work like that at all. I have seen people adding insurance keywords everywhere on their page, but people don’t see insurance ads, instead they will see some game offers/chat application ads and for that you’ll get only $0.02 CPC.

CPC depend on many things, visitors geo, device, OS, language, user-agent etc.

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