How to work on micro niche keywords with low cpc and high monthly searches?


Recently I was doing some research where I found some keywords.
there are total 5 keywords and they are like in series…example- abc 1, abc 2.
If i just sum up the monthly searches of the seed keywords it hits 1M.
But the main problem is all the tools like keyword everywhere, kwfinder and others are showing very low CPC.
what to do now?


Hey bro @Rajan, I think it’s quite common, there are scenarios like High CPC but Low Monthly Searches as well. If you use Google AdWords for this, then we need to understand that Google won’t really tell us the amount of traffic coming from those specific keywords, so the monthly ‘average’ search traffic might definitely vary.

CPC (Cost per Click) is probably based on ‘bidding’, so if the companies are not bidding for that keyword, then probably we might not see fruitful results. :slight_smile:


then ranking on these keywords on my regular blog would be fine just for more traffic and less alexa?


Yes, why not, you can publish all the possible ‘widely’ searched topics on your blog bro.

Here is an interesting discussion about Alexa rank here bro:


Okay then, will use them to get more traffic!