How to use mailchimp features? It is too complicated!


Hello guys!
As you know I currently installed mailchimp. I am a newbie in this. It is too complicated. very much for me.
I imported my mailing list. logged out from my account and went to register page. The confirmation page in e-mail is too weird.
like it is “subscribe to this list” but I want “subscribe” only. And also, after clicking, we have to paas through re-captcha. It looks so boring and weird.

Also I designed and published a subscription popup. But i never saw one.

and a last problem.
I have a mailing list, but I don’t know how to e-mail them or send a combine message through mailchimp!

Sorry for bothering you repeatedly guys but I am a newbie and I have even more problems!


I know this will be too complicated for now @Shashank_Barthwal, but you need to spend some time in the dashboard and learn the options. :slight_smile:

This official guide from MailChimp will help:

Then, watch these Udemy videos:

Let us know if you still have any queries after this bro. :wink:


Thank you so much bro…
It helped me!