How to use Ahrefs tool for Disavowing Backlinks?



Any one here let me know how to use Ahrefs tool to Disavow backlinks.


Hey, bro. Do kindly check the following steps. :slight_smile:

The word “disavow” means “deny any responsibility or support for.” In this case, we are going to deny all the backlinks that we don’t support or hold responsible, because either you don’t want them or they are generally spammy links affecting your site’s SEO performance overall.

1. Go to Ahrefs > Dashboard > New Project

Add your website URL here. For “Domain or URL” pick “http + https” option, which is the default and recommended value.

2. After adding your website/domain, open it to get the overview.

We are going to explore three options here for getting bad backlinks.

  • Referring Domains

  • Anchors

  • Best by links

We can later analyze and use this for disavowing on Google Search Console.

Referring Domains

Click on the “Referring domains” option in the left sidebar. In this page, you’ll get the list of links referring to your website or domain name. By default, it’ll show the links from “High to Low” DR (Domain Rating), so just click on it to reverse that. You can now find the list of links with low DR. Click on the “Backlinks” option to see the Referring page and the Anchor text.

Now, select the ones that are irrelevant to your niche, looks spammy/shady and low-quality DR, you don’t really need them since they don’t look natural at all. You can click on the “Disavow Domains” button option or Export this list. You can do both if you want to keep a database.

If you accidentally disavowed a domain link here, you can click on the “Return Disavowed” option to revert back. That’s all here.


Anchor texts are critical in backlinks. What’s the point in having “Best Sports Blog” anchor text for “” no matter how bragging it is? Because it’s irrelevant and it doesn’t make any sense… for you, your readers and of course, Google.

Click on the “Anchors” option in the left sidebar. In this screen, you’ll see the list of links and the anchor texts used. Check them and export them if you feel they don’t seem relevant to your niche or article or whatever.

Best by links

This is the last option we are going to use. Click on the “Best by links” option in the left sidebar. Here you’ll see the best pages by backlinks. I usually go for the “Not Found” pages, they are easily used by spammy websites. Click on “RD” count there and it’ll open “Referring Domains” page. I access them and analyze further. If they don’t look good, go ahead and add to the “Export” list.

This is how the “Export” popup looks, you can either pick “Quick Export” or “Full Export,” I would prefer the latter if you want an in-depth analysis of your website’s spammy links.

Ahrefs Dashboard - Disavow Links

Go to your Ahrefs Dashboard, and next to your website section you’ll find “Disavow Links” option, click on that.

You’ll get a popup here. Make sure you tick “Save as TXT” here for Google Search Console submission before exporting. In this section, you’ll find the ones you disavowed in “Referring domains” area.

If you have the other exported lists, you can manually analyze and use them here. You have two options here to do that (check the arrow marks!).

After this, export the full final list for disavowing them. This is how the .txt file looks:

Nothing else on Ahrefs here, our work complete is here. It’s time for Google Search Console.

Submitting Disavowed Backlinks on Google Search Console.

Now that you have the list ready, you just need to go to your Search Console account (formerly Webmaster Tools) or use this “Disavow Backlinks” link directly.

Select your Property and proceed.

Please do read the text in that yellow box because it’s vital and this action of yours can harm your website if not done correctly. Re-check your Disavowed Backlinks list properly. If everything is fine, go ahead, upload your final disavow backlinks list and submit.

This is the final step I believe. You have officially Disavowed Backlinks using Ahrefs and Google Search Console successfully. Kindly let us know if you have any queries. :smiley:

How to Remove Spammy Referral Domain Solution?

Thanks for the Guide.

One more Question…Should i remove the old list of Disavowed Back links


Remove this from where, bro? When did you create this list?


Last year i created a list of Links and submitted the same on the Google. … Should i add those one too with the new one.


No no, I don’t think you need to add them again if Google already disavowed them. You can use the filter options like “New” to find the new spammy backlinks and try them first.



Can’t understand the Best By Links Option…this will give me the list of my Blogs URL…Should i add those URL on the disavowed list.


Nope, bro. See, when you click the “Referring Domains (RD)” number count in “Best by links”, you’ll be redirected to this page. You can find the spammy or unwanted backlinks here. :slight_smile:


Am talking about this.


See that encircled symbol? Click on that, bro. You’ll find the referring domain names for your blog’s broken links. Analyze this page and find the ones you need to disavow. That’s all.



Ok got it …Thanks for the help