How to Setup Cloudflare SSL for multi domain cloud hosting



I need more info about how to setup cloudflare ssl for cloud hosting (multi domain)


Hey bro, can you elaborate ‘Multi-domain’ here? Which web hosting you are using? :slight_smile:


If you want to add more site on one Cloudflare account, then their is a direct way of doing that.

You can see a +Add Site tab. Just click on it and process further and then change your DNS.


currently, iam using multi-domain cloud hosting with dedicated IP address, one of the domain has Already installed SSL on that,

The problem when I use CloudFlare is, it is showing an error because SSL certificate installed on the server is different from SSL server provided by CloudFlare.


Oops, you can disable the one installed on your server then bro. :slight_smile:


but I need SSL certificate for both Domains, As we need to install SSL for a specific domain. Any Solution for this.


Go to “Manage SSL Hosts” in your cPanel and share a screenshot please @GaddiPrashanth. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any option like that, I am using Hostgator business cloud hosting


Can you ask your web hosting support and let me know whether you have access to “WHM (Web Host Manager)” bro?


NO, bro…They are not giving access to Web Host Manager, only access to C panel.


I have a final question @GaddiPrashanth, you said two domain names right? Do you want to use Cloudflare SSL for both of them or the SSL provided by your server? :slight_smile:



I am not sure if Hostgator supports any Free SSL. However, there is a tweak which can help you using SSL on all your domains using Cloudflare.

Follow these steps, Remember Cloudflare should be completely disabled first.

Step 1- Go here -
Enter your domain, if Hostgator has installed a shared/self-signed SSL on domain(It is usually done in every hosting company), It doesn’t matter if it shows errors inside SSL.

Step 2 - Go Back to Cloudflare >> Enable it.
Go to Crypto, SSL Settings and Change SSL type to - Full, Please make sure it is Full only and not Full(Strict).

This will enable you to access your website over a trusted SSL from Cloudflare. And Cloudflare can also fetch your website over HTTPS even if that certificate isn’t valid. It won’t create a problem for you.

If incase in first step, it shows that Port 443 on your server is closed. You will need to ask Hostgator to install a Shared or Self-Signed Free SSL on your domain. They will most probably cater to your request.

Shivam Saluja


i want to use cloudfare ssl for only one Domain, and Godady ssl for another one


You can go to your cPanel, search for “SSL/TLS”, you’ll get these options mate. You can manage the SSLs here, you can pick the desired domain name and use the GoDadddy SSL for that alone here. :slight_smile: