How to set up a profitable micro niche blog that builds $300+ month



I know this topic is once discussed here, I did not find the previous thread very effective which is why I decided to create a semi-detail article on the same.
Setting up a micro niche website under an hour may sound crazy
Guess what, setting up a domain is not that hard. In fact, you do it right you can start ranking keywords in not more than two months.
I am not talking about witchcraft or black/Grey hat SEO tricks that will rank you overnight for your kids on SERP.
Let’s cut the cliche’ intro and get to action

Step One: Keyword Research

This is one of the most underestimated things on Internet. Let it be a micro niche site or for a full-fledged website with millions of monthly traffic. Keyword research is more like narrowing down the goal that is to be achieved. In this case, it is the keywords.
You can use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, or SEOprofiler to do the keyword research. Never forget the Google keyword planner.
Find a keyword with Good search volume and medium competition (I love some competition)

Step Two: Create Content

Create 2 Pillar post and 8 articles around the main keyword and interlink them in a meaningful manner.
For all the lazy guys here is a way to create all this content over a night.

Step Three: Get the site indexed

Once the content is ready, integrate search console and submit the sitemap to let Google know about the pages on your site.
Submit your links on Reddit and Stumble Upon to quickly get the pages indexed overnight.

Step Four: Built only niche relevant backlinks for your content

Quantity or quality is not that matters anymore. Relevancy referring domain matters the higher the authority of the relevant referring domain higher you will rank.

Start building links from Wikipedia. It won’t be easy but its worth it. If you can’t do it, pay someone to get it done (I personally love Wikipedia a lot. Make sure you don’t spam it, though it’s heavily moderated).

Additional checklist to follow

Most of you will be using Wordpress for this. Make sure you follow the below checklist

  • Share it on as many Google Plus groups
  • Try to include more original media in content than copied ones
  • Good theme and proper site navigation
  • Yoast SEO, WP-Super Cache
  • Look for more link building opportunities (always)
  • A lot of patience and stay away from fiverr for links

Good luck :slight_smile: