How to set blog title tag as the title of static page?


I am using a static page created by the visual composer as the home page of the blog. But home page’s title is as like %%page_name%%%%blog_title%% but I need as %%blog_title%%%%tagline%%. How can I do so?
Theme: Newspaper


Hey bro, it should be possible to rename that right? At least via Yoast SEO plugin? Do kindly update me, I’ll check on my end too.


when I am renaming the page title as the blog name, then it would be like %%blog_name(page title)%%-%%blog_title_tag%%.
and I have tried with Yoast, but it’s not working for me.


Is it possible to share the link bro? If not, kindly PM me, if possible. :slight_smile:


here is the link!