How to remove Spammy Links from my WordPress Website?


Recently, I shared my website’s Blog Link with my friends on Facebook Messenger, when they clicked on the link, They said some other Spammy Websites we’re opening continuously.
So, I Clicked from my side I witnessed the same! :frowning:

How to remove that spammy links!

Blog Link:


I sent this link to a friend via Facebook Messenger bro, I didn’t face any issue. :slight_smile:

What kind of error you are getting? Kindly share the screenshot, please?


Issue fixed @Samir_Bakkal? :slight_smile: Or… you are still facing the issue?


Still facing the issue @pradeepkumar


I badly need a screenshot to understand this issue correctly bro, kindly provide us one if possible please @Samir_Bakkal? :slight_smile:


I sent the Screenshot by Facebook Messenger! Please Have a look. thanks!


Saw the screenshot bro, it looks spammy, either it’s generated by the browser (on your friend’s browser, because I didn’t get this) or your website could be affected by some malware bro.

Can you ask your friends to recheck this, on a different browser and update me? :slight_smile:


He did Checked!
But, yesterday again it happened with one of my other friend and also me. T_T Help Me.


I can open the website/article without any issue bro, check this:

Try to disable the current theme and deactivate all the plugins bro, after that, kindly ask your friends to recheck by clearing the cache or by hard reloading the tab, follow this:


But, Will I lose my plugin data and settings and customisation settings of the theme when I disable them??? @pradeepkumar


Nah, I don’t think so bro, you can get them back as soon as you reactivate. :slight_smile: