How to register for GST and withdraw money from Paypal?



I want to transfer money from paypal to bank account but paypal site is asking for GST number. I dont know how to get one. Please help me, thanks.


Hi @hariharakumar, are you a freelancer or are you running a registered company? :slight_smile:

You can do that on (Right now it’s down, quite strange.)

And I don’t remember adding my GST number to my PayPal account, but I can receive and withdraw money, are you using a Business account? Can you kindly share a screenshot, please?


I am a freelancer. I am not using a business account. Here is the screenshot


here is the screenshot


Yes, but is it like mandatory?! You are not able to withdraw or receive money without adding your GST number?! I hope you added your PAN card number earlier, right?!


yeah added pan card, is it mandatory to add GST number or not, i am not sure?


For whom it is compulsory? Can i withdraw money? I thought it is mandatory for all freelancers.


I don’t think it’s mandatory at the moment, bro. But, if you have GST number for your online business like they said you “may be eligible for refunds or set off the GST charged.”