How to rank on top 3 position


I have a micro niche site which is currently ranking on lots of keywords on most of 4,5 and 6th position. Even i have 26 backlink for that one post, non of that keyword ranking on top 3 position even it have low competition on my niche.
I have written high quality content.

So, how to rank on top 3 position?


There are so many factors to consider for ranking a post bro, especially when you already have good competitors ahead. Try interlinking for that ‘one post’ with other posts on your blog. Increase the comments and social shares naturally. Make sure you keep updating that post. This is one thing you should that.

The next thing is, find the top 2 competitors, analyze them, see what they missed, add them in your posts, grab their audience, it’s just a matter of some weeks to overtake if it’s a mid-competitive keyword. :slight_smile:


Daily i got more than 5 natural comment. And also i am helping them through reply.

And even my competitors, have less than content than mine post. They have only 200 word post in which they didn’t doen proper keyword optimisation.

(@pradeepkumar, Can you reply me after looking on mine competitor comparasion with mine post.) Thank you for your reply.


Bro, I looked at their website, there is something we must understand here, forget about ‘keyword1’. If your competitor’s website is ranking for other similar keywords like ‘keyword2’, ‘keyword3’, etc. then Google might give preference to ‘keyword1’ without any proper optimization or content as well. :frowning:

Please wait for some time, optimize your website for ‘keyword1’, at the same time, try to rank for all the possible modified versions of that keyword… just a matter of time to overtake your competitor. :slight_smile: