How to Rank New Domain on multiple Keywords


I have new domian… Want to rank for Keywords i found using Ahref…Stats of keywords like this:

Keyword difficulty- 0
Volume- 1300
Clicks- 166
CPS- 0.13
Return Rate- 1.11
Parent Topic Volume- 7700

Any Suggestion plz


You need to write a long high-quality article for that keywords. Then submit them to Google Index, share them on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, G+,…I think if the difficulty is 0 you will get rank in the short time.


I don’t see anything tedious with the stats you provided, bro. If you are exclusively targeting these keywords, then make sure you register a domain name which is relevant to these keywords (hopefully, not trademarked).

Publish at least 10 high-quality articles related to those topics, interlink them each other, and start your standard procedure.