How to rank for a keyword on google?


i don’t know nothing about that


Hi @Garusan_Koneswaran, for which keyword you want to rank? Just give an example please? :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply…
i want to rank my blog on google for some keywords like “graphics cards review” “gaming reviews” and some other keyowrds related to gaming

i’m new to seo and blogging so i don’t know how to rank for a keyword.
so please help me.

thanks in advance


Thanks for updating bro. Okay so I’ll consider ‘graphic cards review’ for example now.

This is about ‘Gaming’ right, so what you have to focus right now is, find the blogs related to ‘Gaming’ which has good DA (Domain Authority) and which allows guest blogging.

You have to email them asking whether they accept guest posts on their blog, if they are okay with it, you can contribute for their blog, and inside the article or in the author bio, you can keep your post links. Like this for example:

“Garusan is an expert in writing Graphics Cards Review, you can message him anytime for any suggestions related to this.”

If they are not accepting guest posts then you can find the good ‘PA’ (Page Authority) posts in their blog and comment there. These two methods (guest blogging & blog commenting) are the two common ways to increase backlinks bro, thus helping you to achieve good ranking in search results. :slight_smile:

What are the common link building hacks for short & long term blogs?

@pradeepkumar thanks bro. thank you for your time and the help

how can I fond how many back links I need to rank a keyword ??


@pradeepkumar bro you’ve mentioned the right step, but I want to give one suggestion that -
In guest posts we should always add the link in between posts. Google treats links after about author as spammy. So the link juice passed through link from author box is very less relevant than from the post.

What do you think about this bro? :slight_smile:


It badly depends on the keyword’s competition bro, “Call of Duty game review” will definitely need more authority + quality backlinks since all the major gaming blogs/website would have published this.

I would suggest you to focus on making your blog perfect overall, don’t focus on ranking keywords, just prepare quality blog posts and make it as a brand.


Yes, the links inside the article will be much more effective. :slight_smile:


Five easy steps to get rankings on Google :

  1. Analyze your blog

  2. Analyze the keyword

  3. Build some links to the page.

  4. Promote it on Social networks

  5. Enjoy rankings.

Analyze your blog :

First of all, Search for Neil patel Seo checker

Go to the seo checker tool of Neil patel.

Input your blog url and It will show you about the Seo mistakes you did.

So try to solve them and you can optimize your blog for search engines.

Analyze Your keyword :

You told that you wanna rank for " Graphics card review ".

Go to and input Graphics card review in the Semrush search box.

It will show you information on competition of the keyword.

Always select keyword with less than 0.10

Otherwise, you can select a related keyword.

Buld some links to the page :

Buod backlinks to the blog post. It works better than building links to homepage.

Promote :

Start promoting the blog post on social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc.


Now enjoy rankings and traffic.


@Samba_Siva thank you so much bro… I think it will help me a lot.


Ranking of a keyword hardly needs some work on it.


1.First of all,Analyze the competition of your keyword i.e start it with number of monthly searches(Recently i am using keywords everywhere chrome extension).
2.After knowing about the competition ,search for your keyword in google and have a manual research about the blogs which already had ranked the same keyword.
3.If the keyword was ranked by some authority wesbites,Then you need to work more i.e first of all your content must be better than existing one and then look after the authority links.Beating a good authority site in google results might takes time.If it wasn’t a long term one go with PBN :stuck_out_tongue:
4.Some keywords might be ranked by the brands.If you started your site newly then i suggest you to drop your idea BECAUSE they are ready to invest to rank over you and here it takes much time than expected.


If your keyword had a medium comp,then go for it.
If it has high comp and if you are ready to write some better stuff than existing and can invest in PBN thins then go for high comp as well.

As you are going with gaming keywords,Almost all of the top keywords are ranked by big brands and hence its difficult.So go with medium comp words and build links with authority gaming sites to boost your rankings in no time.

Suggestion: As it was new site,try posting the gameplay videos rather than the routine stuff or some might new things which people need.

ps:This is my view on ranking.If i am wrong let me know.

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:
Let us know about the results.