How to rank a website for music niche related keywords?


Hello, I want to ask you how can we rank a website for music niche related keywords without any post?? (it’s a commercial website)


Hi @Ankit_Kumar, can you kindly elaborate this part? Without any content? :slight_smile:


I mean to say one friend asked me for ranking his website in the top google search for music niche related keywords… he has a website which related to his music band and his music coaching services… Should I advise him for paid ads services…If yes then which ads services can rank his website in top music niche related searches.


If he wants to get paid visitors/conversions for music coaching services, then he can try Google AdWords bro, use the free credits to kickstart and experiment. If he wants to get organic visitors/conversions, then he can start a blog on his website and write about ‘music’ related topics, build backlinks and rank for them. :slight_smile:


He Builds the website for his commercial music services. But anyways thank you for your valuable tip.