How to promote eCommerce store in fashion industry


Hello guys!
I’m running e-commerce store - selling handmade unique leather accessories -
Targeting audience - men and women in age 30+. We are located in the USA.
I need to increase the number of links on site and improve Google ranking.


If you want to target your audience quickly you can use ppc and ppv method of digital marketing. If you are not desperate enough then you can use seo tactics.


Which SEO tactics can u suggests?


All method of seo is important dear there is no specific tactic in seo that I can suggest. if you want your business to grow on large level you must perform all activities of seo on page and off page. In this you just have to focus on your site content, quality back links and what value it gives to your audience. It takes time you have to be patient and stay consistent. If not you can use ppc strategy. It is all about how creatively you can show and express and keep experimenting with that.


I can see that you guys haven’t implemented “Schema” (Ratings/Reviews) on your website, that’s pretty powerful for eCommerce websites, do check this out and implement asap for better Google ranking!