How to pause tutorials notifications for other lists?


Hello bloggers,
I have sections in my site, tutorials and general tech news.
I have some subscribers in tutorial lists. I don’t want every list to be notified about the tutorials update.
For example, i posted a Java tutorial, instead of a specific list, every subscriber of my site will be notified about it, which I dont want! What to do?
Thank you! :slight_smile:


Can you please edit your question, because it is not clear to me. And what kind of lists you’re talking about push notification list or email subscriber list?. And what kind of service are you using to collect subscriber list?


Your question seems to be a bit confusing. If you want to send a notification to only a particular set of users, in this case Java enthusiasts, then choose a provider who gives you an option to segregate. A good example would be Mailchimp. Also, manually select the list to send updates.


guys i recently shifted to mailerlite because all of my mailchimp accounts are getting banned for no reason.
I have two email lists
and one of them is for linux enthusiast.
So i want to send linux updates only to a specific list.


Which email subscriber service you are using bro? :slight_smile:


I am using mailerlite and sendpulse bro.
bro are you getting my question?
I want to send tutorials only to tutorial subscribers, not news subscribers.
Everytime i write an article, it automatically get send to everyone.
now I dont want to send everyone tutorials. I have a speicfic list for that.
How to do that?


I am not using mailerlite, so it’s hard to give specific answer, but every email marketing software comes with two basic functionality.

  1. Segment list/ lead list - Using form/email/subscribing widget, you can add specific contact to separate segment list, like Linux contacts, Java Contacts.

  2. Campaign - By creating new email campaign, you can specify from which segment list, you want to send your personalize email.

I found this good article from mailer-lite.