How To Outrank Your Competitors On Google?


How To Outrank Your Competitors On Google ?

And what are the best way to create backlink for the Android How to Blog?

Need help in tech blog!

If you have an article like “Android Battery Tips” and if you want to outrank your competitors, then:

  1. Make sure your post is completely updated, like, use the latest Android beta version as well and give the tips. It should be updated and should contain all the possible tips to improve battery life.

  2. Make a list (top 10) of your competitors for this keyword. Analyze them, read each and every word. See the comments, again, make a list of all the queries they asked there. Add related keywords like Samsung battery life, Sony battery life, etc. We can skip the ones who already have a good battery like Zenpower Max, Mi Max, etc.

  3. Update your article and make it better than your competitors. Give solutions to all the queries asked by those commentators.

  4. Research about all the possible ways a desperate Android user will search on Google or type on Social Media about his/her Android phone and its battery life. Make a list of all such queries and provide solutions in your article.

  5. Last but not least, learn about On-Page SEO, which is more or less like, the way we place our keywords inside the article. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, then that’s more than enough for now.

Recently I saw this thing, a website (say “,” which is somewhat popular) posted about “Mi Max 2” launch date in India without any official source about this, they might have done their internal research though. After this, all the other news websites started to publish this story and credited that website for this. So, you can do your own research and post about leaks, rumors, launch dates, etc. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed info :slight_smile:

Blog comments and Forum posting are useful or harmful?


As long as you are doing them naturally bro…

###Blog Comments

Pick High DA/PA blogs with less Spam Score and comment on their latest ‘Android’ related blog posts. Relevancy is important here.

###Forum Posting

Take “XDA Forums” for example, be an active member there, interact with the moderators and if a member with good authority shares your article there, then that’s a huge plus.


Hi Pradeep One more Query.

Suppose i write an article like - update A XYZ phone with this 1.2 update

after few days or months a new version of the firmware 1.3 is released.

Should i copy the whole article and change the 1.2 to 1.3 in title and post. Is this SAFE.

Or should I write a new article without copying anything form the old post.


I would suggest you write the article from the scratch bro, don’t use the same template, that will look bad, both for your readers and for search engines. :slight_smile:


One of our competitor are doing same… copying all the post as it is… and ranking well for all those posts :frowning:


Haha, I’m saying this as a reader and not as a blogger bro. :wink: See, the version 1.1 might have updated information than 1.0, it’ll hardly take 10-15 minutes to write a new article for this, so definitely worth it.


Ok… got it … Thanks :slight_smile: