How to optimize speed of a bigcommerce store?


I want to optimize a bigcommerce store speed. I tried many things but unable to make much out of it. Please share some tips to optimize it.
PS: I can’t share the website URL.


I’m going to share these tips generally bro, it’ll be helpful I hope. :slight_smile:

  1. Focus on Images. This whole eCommerce environment is about images so I would suggest you to analyze all the images uploaded to your server, are they optimized enough?

  2. Are you using plenty of unwanted Social Media scripts on your website?

  3. Are you displaying plenty of items on the homepage? Try reducing them.

  4. If you are ready to invest, then buy a good CDN (say MaxCDN, KeyCDN, etc.), or you can also get a free one.

  5. Upgrade your web hosting. Having an optimized server helps a lot.

Would love to know your comments on the above-mentioned points @Anmol_Singhi. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing those tips @pradeepkumar but almost all the things are done already.
There is no .htaccess file for doing optimization.
What are the alternates of this file?
And what else can be done to optimize the website speed?


Can you kindly use this tool and share the results mate? You can blur the website name. :slight_smile: