How to make a custom email in mailchimp? need your help bloggers!


Hello there,
I want to make an email post which will notify my subscribers about my new post. And it should be exactly looking like this:

LOL I made it through paint.
I managed to design everything but I am not able to put that read button there. Here is “read on” text link instead of read. How to insert a read button? I know HTML and CSS but I dont know how to create such cool button and how to manage it to my new post!


Hi @Shashank_Barthwal, kindly go to Templates > Create Template > Pick a Template here > Button (at the right side under ‘Content’ section). :slight_smile:


hello, goodmorning!
I am able to do that all bro.
I wanna insert the featured image of my post there, but there is no optuon to do so…
I also tried |RSSITEM:IMAGE| but it didnt work.
I read in mailchimp website, that it is not easy to insert featured image in RSS feed.


Maybe this plugin could help bro?


Hello bro! I am all set with mailchimp but there is one problem again. I created a campaign of blog updates. I deleted it and created a new so that I can improve. There is a page where we have to write our RSS feed URL. Here it is:

Yesterday, it was working well but today, when i created a new campaign and entered my URL, it rejected it.
Can you help me…


Are you using Cloudflare SSL bro?


as @amit told, I am using cloudflare SSL!


but bro… it was working well yesterday. Then what is special today?


Can you try without ‘https’ bro? Replace ‘https’ and use ‘http’? :slight_smile:


tried every possible way…
not working bro😃


Wow… what a great surprise. I have no idea who planned it…!!!

somebody tell me what could be the possible reason for that. I have done nothing wrong!


Oops. :frowning: Did you get this email in the morning bro? Kindly open their ‘Support’ channel and request for a reason, they might reactivate it.


bro i subscribed with my email to my blog…
then keep on unsubscribing and resubscribing to check if the campaign is working or not.
I have already sent an email to support team about reason. BTW i am able to access my account.


they said their employee will visit and check for the issues


Hello @pradeepkumar bro.
Mailchimp disabled my account temperorily but they said that I can use campaign builders. Ya…
we were talking about the cloudflare SSL. How to resolve that “invalid feed URL” error?
My hosting provider has provided me LetsEncrypt SSL certificate but I am using cloudflare free SSL!
Thank you!


By default some of the web hosting service providers have Let’s Encrypt SSL bro, but there is nothing wrong in using Cloudflare SSL as well. Try contacting your Cloudflare support and see if they have a solution for this.


will they really help me or they will be like “this is none of our business”?


Haha, they’ll definitely give you an answer mate! Try and let me know. :slight_smile:


Bro I asked them, they told me to change my name servers from cloudflare to my hosting provider’s nameservers. I did the same. Still not working. Should I wait for 2-3 days?


mabe this is the reason?