How to link the contact form to my gmail address


(Samir Bakkal) #1

I Want to know how to link the contact form from the theme: ZERIF PRO to my gmail address.
That Is, when someone fills the Contact Form their submissions should be visible in my gmail address Inbox.

Link to my Contact Form:

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi @Samir_Bakkal, you badly need to configure your HTML contact form with PHP code to do this process, I haven’t done this lately, not sure about the code, tagging @mskian bro. :slight_smile:

(Santhosh veer) #3

hi @Samir_Bakkal solved? I check that link add your mail id on the contactform7 mail settings

(Samir Bakkal) #4

Already Added the Mail ID but didn’t worked! :frowning:

(Santhosh veer) #5

did you check your website mail functions are working properly?