How To Install SSL For My Website?



Hey guys, I hope you all are doing good.
I have a blog in which I want to install free SSL certificate it can be letsencrypt without losing my sites data!
By the way My site is hosted in DigitalOcean VPS servers with serverpilot with WordPress.

Important things to do after installing SSL (HTTPS) on your website

Hi @Sarthak_Sharma, ServerPilot has an official document regarding this, have you tried these steps? Stuck with anywhere? Do kindly let us know. :slight_smile:


This should work. But, @Sarthak_Sharma, note that all DigitalOcean instances have LetsEncrypt enabled by default. All you have to do is add your custom domain to your DigitalOcean registry.


ServerPilot charges 10$ per month if you want to use their premium features such as SSL Etc.


Wow, that’s something I did not know. Why do people really use ServerPilot? DigitalOcean’s official setup guides are pretty much useful.


Hi @Sarthak_Sharma , you can get a free SSL certificate from the CloudFlare.

I am not much sure about the integration with DigitalOcean, but the CloudFlare SSL works correctly for any WordPress site. I am using it from last 3 months on one of my sites, and it’s great!

Here is a tutorial on Installation of CloudFlare Flexible SSL on any WordPress website. [Not my site] :slight_smile:



CloudFlare’s SSL is always better than the let’s encrypt. Let’s encrypt certificate need to be renewed after 3 months. It auto updates if you are pointing your nameservers to the host server. Pointing your domain to the CloudFlare’s nameservers will fail to renew the Let’s encrypt’s SSL.

So, in my opinion, it’s better to use CloudFlare’s SSL and stay cool.