How to increase CPC in Adsense? Any trick?


Hi hbb,

Any way to increase CPC in adsense. I am getting some good amount of clicks 100-150 clicks per day ., But my CPC is 0.06$. Some people saying block some ads which pay low cpc? Is it wise to block them? If yes,

How can i know that certain advertiser paying less cpc to block him?


I tried Lot of tricks to increase my CPC rate In Google Adsense For My Website OfferGyan, but none of the trick i found is working. So I Suggest You Not to waste your time.


Bro 0.06 CPC Is more than enough bro!

on my tech niche i am getting CPC around 0.02$


Hello, Increasing CPC in Adsense is quite tricky. It depends on advertisers - My CPC usually drops during the month end and start of month - As advertisers would be stopping existing campaigns and trying out something new.

Have you tried creating Channels? Might help in some cases for advertisers to target for “Placement Ads”.

Blocking Ads helps sometimes - not always. Looking forward for others’ response.




I forgot to mention about the “Ad Balance” option in Adsense.

Using “Ad Balance” one can define the ad showing ratio. With Gauge, you can adjust and try to show ads that only pays you well. You can also increase the user experience by using Ad Balance so that users will be shown limited but effective ads.

Ad Balance Adsense

Unfortunately, The Ad Balance option is showing me “Under Maintenance” currently.

Anyone else having “Under Maintenance” issue for Ad Balance?


It’s under maintenance for me as well bro. :frowning:


same here its under maintenance since three months,


Any other ideas to increase CPC?


Been experimenting with the ad placement and sizes bro, will write a detailed thread here. :slight_smile:


Try changing the ad placment, my CPC jumped from 0.02 to 0.16 after changing placment.


Can u please share some tips bro? in Ad placements? What’s ur niche?? Mine education Once check civilread(.)com
Can u suggest some better placements?


You are using 12 ads in a single page… thats toooo much :open_mouth:


One guy suggested me to put an ad for every scroll. :frowning:

Comment luv Query for backlink

same here from past 3 day I am also getting $0.02


None of the trick is working. Google set an algorithm for this … and if you are trying block less paying cpc ads ten you will lost those earnings too which came from these cpc. @NAga_VaMshi