How to Improve the Readability while blogging?


Hello HBB,
I have to improve my Readability strategy while writing content.
I have found that my Readability Grade is just “OK” which is noticed via the WordPress Right Pane.
Any suggestions or tips to make my Grade “GOOD”?

What are the major strategies that you’ve battled while writing on the go?

Thanks in advance.

Sathish Satz.

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I shared my writing strategy in this post @sathishluvsatz. :slight_smile:

But, apart from that, I truly believe it’s more about expressing yourself. If you take a look at my personal blog and my professional blog, my writing will be somewhat different, it’s mainly because, in my personal blog, I don’t really care about any SEO or anything, I just let my hands freely connect my mind and type the words!


Such a motivated reply. [quote=“pradeepkumar, post:2, topic:772”]
I don’t really care about any SEO
You’re awesome buddy. I hope that the quality matters more than the SEO based writing. Anyhow, a little on-page SEO helps us boost some organic reach.

By the way, your writing flow sounds unique. I hope that I could improve the readability part as quick as possible with my own writing flow.

Have a great day.
Happy blogging @pradeepkumar bro . :heart::smile: