How to get Unlimited and Unique articles

Hello everyone out here. I am sure you guys are making the most out of your time during this COVID-19 and certainly some might have been doing really great when it comes to putting efforts over your money sites, OFF-Page, On-Page.
This would be my first contribution towards the HBB forum so please forgive any errors and do correct me in the comments since i’m just sharing my piece of knowledge.

First of all, I don’t own this thing but found it somewhere else and thought it would be helpful to share with you guys. :grinning:

As we all know, everyone is not an expert in Article writing or writing content and sometimes we struggle with how we can generate more unique articles without utilizing much of our time. Getting straight to the the point, I will share a method through which you can easily generate content for your PBNs or Web 2.0s.

Let’s get started:
In this tutorial, we will be targeting a particular keyword say- “How to lose fat quickly”

Step 1: Go to Google Translate

On the left side, write the keyword. In this case, “How to lose fat Quickly” and translate it to any of your preferred language.

Step 2: Search on Google with the translated text

Step 3: Right click anywhere and select translate to English

Step 4: Go to any site you like

Step 5: Right click again and translate it to English

Step 6: Copy the content onto a word file
Step 7: Use any Article rewriter tool like WordAi or free ones like Quillbot
Step 8: You can copy the rewritten content over to any Plagiarism checker and check for Plagiarism

Last but not the least, In case you want to add summary/conclusion to the article, you can use


This will help you summarise the article and add a good touch to it.

Tip: Don’t use these articles over your money sites as you might be risking your AdSense account.

Please, Do correct my mistakes in case you find any or do let me know if you found this useful.
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